Welcome New Member!!

Welcome to the family here at Greenville Avenue Church of Christ (GACC).  Our goal is to provide you with spiritual nourishment and encourage a nurturing relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We hope you are excited and ready to grow in the knowledge of God’s word and mature your Christian faith.  As you walk with God please let us know  how we can serve you.

What is GACC All About?

Our Mission

“To uphold the sound preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Christ, to expose lost souls to God’s plan for salvation and to assist and encourage individuals to live fully in accordance to the will of God while glorifying Him in all aspects of life including at home at work and in the community.” Matthew 28:19-20

Gaining: Attraction of Non-Members (Acts 2:47)    “Our purpose must always be with the intent of making new disciples”

Grounding: Involved in Ministry (Acts 2:44-46;  Eph. 2:10; Titus  2:11-14;Gal. 6:10)   “We are ordained of God for the work of ministry. Every member  should be a part of a ministry”

Growing:  In the knowledge and likeness of Christ (Acts 2:42; Eph.  4:11-16)  “The person and work of Christ as illustrated in the Gospels  must become a reality in the life of each individual.  This can only be accomplished by growing in His Word”

Glorifying God:  In Worship and Life (Rev. 4:11; John 4:24; Rom.  12:1-2; I Cor. 6:19-20; Matt. 5:14-16) “We must challenge our members as we gain, ground and Grow to  do all that we do to the glory of God”

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the work and ministries of the congregation.

Your Profile

If you haven’t done so please complete and turn in your New Member Information form.  The information you provide is key part of helping you stay informed of the various activities, programs and needs of the congregation as well as the Leadership assisting you in your spiritual development.

What are Service Groups?

Please click the play button below get a complete overview of Service Groups and how you can play apart in your spiritual development.

How can I get involved?

  • Attend your regularly scheduled Service Group activities; volunteer for one of the six task teams in your group.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the programs and works of this church.
  • Encourage other new members to attend Orientation.
  • Look online at the church calendar so that you will be aware of scheduled events.

Worship Services

To assist you in getting started in a solid program of spiritual growth and involvement at GACC, we highly recommend the following list of activities that you can begin doing NOW!

  • Attend a morning (8:00am / 10:45am) and evening (6:00pm) worship service each Lord’s Day.
  • Attendance:  Your attendance is critical component to your spiritual development.  Use the GACC check-in kiosks or complete an Attendance Card to record your attendance.
  • Giving: Give generously, as you prosper and you purpose in your heart, of your income to support God’s work. (10% is the Old Testament minimum)
  • Bible Class:  Bible class is your opportunity to develop a deeper study and discuss what God’s will is for you.  Attending Sunday morning  (9:45am) and Wednesday (7:00pm) midweek bible classes are designed for you.

What is an Attendance Card?

Each Sunday you are asked to fill in an Attendance Card, supplying the information requested on the form.

It is recommended that you fill in your Family’s Last Name under the heading “Family Name”. Under “Family Members Present”, please list the First Names of the family members who actually attended services that day, using only the names of those who have been baptized and / or placed membership with this congregation.

If you know in advance that you will miss worship services on a given Sunday please make note of that fact on the reverse side of the Attendance Care before dropping it in the Collection basket. It is essential that current and correct contact information be kept on file for each congregant. There is a designation space on the Attendance Card to update Change of Address and / or Phone Number information following a move

How Do I Give My Offering?

Envelopes are provided for your convenience to give your offering. They will also be used to generate a financial statement should you require one for tax purposes. Please print your name clearly in the space provided. Use your full name to aid in distinguishing between similar names and please use the same name consistently, i.e., do not use James one week, Jas. the next week and J.K. the following week. Your consistency will guarantee the accuracy of your financial report.